Haleh Karimi

Haleh was an IT Executive, working in Fortune 500 companies for over 18 years. She was an integral part of the IT Innovation and Development Center that Coca-Cola Enterprises created in Louisville to engage local universities with their IT development and innovation departments.

Before that, she worked at Colgate-Palmolive in their global IT department until they closed, both as a developer as well as an operations analyst. And, in between these two positions, she worked at Steel Technologies and led many IT projects in various areas, such as HR, Finance, and Manufacturing.

Haleh began teaching over a decade ago and fell in love with it and thus changed her career path following her passion. She has been with Sullivan University since 2015 as the Director of Dynamic Web Development department at Sullivan’s College of Technology and Design.

Haleh is also pursuing her Ph.D. in Information Technology at Sullivan University with plans to defend her research on soft skills within STEM disciplines by the end of next year.

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