Catherine Harris

Catherine Harris is the Chief Information Officer and Information
Technology Leader for USAA’s Bank. She builds Bank IT strategy and
planning efforts with senior bank executives, oversees application
development, operations and maintenance, and focuses on time-to-market, quality and innovative experiences.
Catherine is also a leader who drives Agile methodologies and practices within her teams. Catherine has more than 25 years of experience across four major industries including government, transportation, telecommunication and financial services, where she implemented large-scale IT software development initiatives, technology transformations and created successful high-performing organizations.
Catherine has two Masters in Information Security and Assurance (MISA) and Business Administration (MBA), an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, certification as an AWS Solution Architect, Ethical Hacking and Forensic Investigation, and has one patent. She is passionate about technology, diversity and mentoring others.

Catherine enjoys running, continuous learning and focusing on her family.
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